Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stand Up Tragedy: Finale‏

The next Stand Up Tragedy takes place at the Leicester Square Theatre on Monday 4th June. This is the last of the 5 monthly shows that have taken place this year. It's got a great line up and if you've been meaning to come to one this is your last chance for a while. I'm currently looking into taking the show up to the Edinburgh Festival in 2013 but that is some time away.

Stand Up Tragedy is a variety night where people stand up and do tragedy. Every night so far has had a slightly different favour but they've all featured comedy, music, storytelling, and the unexpected. And they've all ended with a sing-a-long. This month we have some brilliant comedians, powerful true story tellers, beautiful music and improvised Greek Tragedy.

You can hear podcasts of previous SUT shows via iTunesStitcher Smart Radio or Soundcloud:

From the soundcloud (and the website) you can stream or download them directly without any fuss. Listening to these podcasts or exploring the website should give you an idea of what the nights are about. But they are a lot of fun and people interpret the idea of tragedy in many ways.

Tickets can be bought in advance from the Leicester Square Theatre Box Office. They cost £10 (£8 concessions). The promo code TRAGIC will offset the booking fee. It's better for me if you buy in advance as then I don't pay printing fees, but there should be tickets on the door too, we'll announce via social media if we sell out.

It's a full night of tragedy, starting at 8.30pm and ending around about 10.45pm. Doors open at 8.15pm

These shows have been a lot of fun to run. I really hope to see many of you there, and please spread the word.

 My other podcast Getting Better Acquainted is also really worth your attention. There have been some amazing conversations that have already aired and the ones due to come out are of  an equal quality. This show is one of the best things I have ever done. I've had so many positive responses and the audience is growing. Have a listen if you haven't before. And if you do listen and you like it please tell people about it.

It's available through iTunesStitcher Smart Radio and from it's website:

I made a 15 minute clip show from the 2011 episodes to send into a competition if you want a flavour of the show:

Also I'd like to pick out a few other highlights: On Wednesday and Friday next there will be a very special  GBA two parter where I talk to Radcliffe Royds about his life. He is a man who went to a public school as a child and from there he has gone through richness, addiction, homlessness and rehabilitation. His story is moving, funny, inspiring and remarkable. His is one of many conversations I feel blessed to have been a part of.

GBA isn't just conversations sometimes it has documentary style episodes. These are two recent examples of this:

 I have also been further grouping episodes into playlists:

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